About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

Hi, I'm a 56 year old alcoholic, drug addict and howling at the moon crazy trans-woman.

I am going to try to start blogging and posting about my experiences since 4/6/2015, when I started my improbable journey in sobriety. I had my last drink on 4/5/15 and last stuck a needle in my arm on 7/27/14. I had my first drink in July of 1975 and last in April of 2015. I also included an amazing amount of drug abuse in there as well. I have had a couple of periods of white knuckle sobriety during that time, but no real recovery. It was always followed by demoralizing relapses. Many people, even in the recovery community, don't talk about  a lot of things due to embarrassment, shame or fear of losing job, respect, etc. I have been blessed with the position of having nothing to lose by talking about my experiences, my feelings and my recovery. I hope some can benefit from hearing it.

As I already mentioned I am transgender. I had a coming out party on 1/7/17 and started hormone replacement therapy on 1/10/17. I have lived my life true to myself ever since. I have always known I was a girl and lived a life of misery, hiding and pain until I was able to fully accept myself and live. When I got sober I had nowhere left to hide and had to face all the things I was running from or I would surely drink again and for me that is to die.

One of the other things I was drinking to medicate was mental illness. I have faced and accepted that as well and am also on my way to recovery for that. I am in school to become a counselor and hope to help others someday. Life in sobriety, transition and recovery from mental health issues has not been easy. I depend fully on my God, or Higher Power, for all of my strength, courage and honesty.

I live in sober living, go to a lot of meetings, work regularly with my sponsor and sponsees as well as a healthy dose of daily prayer and meditation. That is my recipe for sobriety. I hear it has worked for countless others and I think I'll keep doing it.   More to follow ...